bmb in Spokane! 

Just got back from a stellar trip to Spokane. I had the good fortune to play a house show at the Starry House! Thank you so much to Michelle, Dave, Margaret, Michael for your hospitality and Michelle for making the video. And a special thanks to Runaway Octopus for bringing the PA and playing a kickass set! Here's a video of a new song "Between Stations." 

birds may bite Between Stations 

birds may bite JUST TO TASTE is released April 28th, 2017 

birds may bite's new album Just to Taste is done. birds may bite is the solo songwriting/composition project of Scott Adams.

The release show will be Friday, April 28th from 8-11:59pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle. It's free. Guest artists include: Ama Trio, The Debaucherauntes, Amy Denio, Jim Knodle, Randy Neal, Jeppa K Hall and more.

Here's the plan: (all of this somewhere between 8 and 11:59pm)
1. Short set Scott and Randy. New birds may bite songs performed as a duo (accordion/vocal and guitar).
2. Hear the Just to Taste record in its entirety.
3. Ama Trio will take you into your dreams. 

Post Once Post 

Hello dear reader!
This is my post Once post. Jason Webley's festival called Once was last weekend and it was the most rejuvenating experience I've had in a long time. Long story short, I'm back to being a songwriter - a performing one at least. This was the best, most attentive, loving, and fun audience ever!

I also met so many great people, and some of the best exchanges I had were with fellow songwriters. It seems we've all had plenty of experiences of playing to people who are doing their best to ignore us. Go figure, other people had this experience too? Is that a good reason to give up doing something that is one's chosen way to express things? Guess not. 

Anyway, I'm all hopped up about this... Now I'm in the mode of scaring up some more gigs. I just asked to play at a friend's party and I also asked to play at my upcoming High School reunion. I'm planning to write a song especially for my fellow classmates. I can't think of a more intimidating audience; I know it will get my juices flowing... Stay tuned.

The photo below was taken by my friend Travis Hartnett at Cafe Racer. He also took the one that's currently the backdrop on this site. 

birds may bite performs at Once! 

I am proud to be performing a solo birds may bite set at Jason Webley's Once festival this coming weekend (June 10-12, 2016). I'm putting together a four song set to be delivered on accordion and vocal. These are all new songs... The solo set will be on Friday evening; I'll also perform with the Debaucherauntes on Saturday. For more info:

Goodbye Julie... 

I mentioned in my last post that my old friend Julie Green passed away a couple weeks ago.  I want to share a track that we made together in 1995.  Along with Julie's sister Anjanette, we were called the Service Berries.  Here's a link to one of our tunes called "Do You Believe."  As I recall, I recorded the guitar part onto a cassette and gave it to her and she just ran with it...  She was really proud of it at the time and for good reason.  Do You Believe

Here I come... 

Well, it's been a long absence from being a diligent website updater.  For that, my dear friends, I apologize.  I met a nice couple at a party tonight, handed my new friend a business card and immediately apologized for my neglected website.  "A well managed website is the sign of someone with too much time on their hands..."  Get a life, you lousy website updaters!

Seriously, I mourned a friend today.  We made some music together back in the 90's that really changed my life, was a real gift to me.  I will miss you, Julie Green.  I plan to post some Service Berries recordings soon.  

birds may bite CD's at your fave online store

birds may bite videos

All Scott Adams shows... (not just bmb)

Previous events


Hell's Bellows! at Blue Heron Arts Center

Vashon Island, 19704 Vashon Highway S.W., Vashon, WA 98070

A feast for the ears, brought to you by one of the most lovely accordion quartets you'll ever come across!
Phone: 206-463-5131, 206-463-5131

Age limit:


birds may bite at the Chai House

Chai House, 5463 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA

Show with Misty Weaver and others...  More info to come!

Age limit:


Hell's Bellows at Monsters of Accordion

Fremont Abbey, 4272 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA

Be a witness to the most terrifying assemblage of many of the world's
most notorious practitioners of this infamous instrument.

JASON WEBLEY - mysterious accordion cult leader. mass-hypnosis, beware!
MARK GROWDEN - dark, seductive squeezer returns after years of silence!
AMY DENIO - legendary experimental performer conjures the spirits!.
DUCKMANDU - classical virtuosity gone horribly awry!

Plus esteemed special guests COUNT SMOKULA, MRS. HOBBS, DAN CANTRELL,

Aug 23 - SEATTLE, WA - Fremont Abbey
$10 admission

Plus a workshop on Sunday afternoon -


Age limit:


Hell's Bellows at The Smoke Farm's 3rd annual arts festival:

Smoke Farm, 12731 Smokes Road, Arlington, WA

From their site:
Smoke Farm culminates another triumphant season as a haven for exploration, instigation and agitation with its 3rd annual summer festival; “Interstitial Heroes”, on August 16th at Smoke Farm.

As with our two previous festivals, “Secret of Gold” and “Pataphysical New Year”, this year’s festival, titled; “Interstitial Heroes”, is a daylong extravaganza of theatre arts, dance performance, live music, literary high jinks, installed art, and experiences that defy easy classification. All this takes place at Smoke Farm, a unique rural venue near Arlington Washington. Guests are invited to come just for the day or to camp overnight in the fields and groves of the farm. Join us on Saturday August 16th, starting at 2pm and continuing until late. Tickets include dinner, prepared by Stumbling Goat chef Seth Caswell, and a bedtime story too!

Tickets are $25 advance ( and $35 at the gate.

more info:

Age limit:


Secret Chefs Portland gig!

The Doug Fir Lounge, 830 E Burnside, Portland, OR, 97214

Secret Chefs open for Secret Chiefs 3!  Diminished Men also on the bill.

Age limit:


Indy Artist Showcase/CD release party

Sole Repair Shop , 1001 East Pike , Seattle, WA 98122

Who's playing:
The Half Brothers, Gretta Harley, birds may bite, Johntana (John Osebold & Montana von Fliss), Misty Weaver, Trent Hill
How much: By donation (Buy cool CDs!)
Featuring great music, CD cake walk (win CDs), fun, games!

Age limit:



at the Eagles Hall Basement, 805 4th AVE, Olympia, WA

Goatgirl/Queen Shmooquan (SA plays banjo/guitar in band)

Age limit:


Hell's Bellows at Folklife!

Seattle Center, Center House Theater, Seattle, WA

This set will be all new musick!

Age limit:


birds may bite Birthday Bash

Rendezvous Jewel Box Theatre, 2322 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA

Several songwriters will perform their latest works - their songs will then be reinterpreted by Deal's Number (a Monktail improv ensemble). Performers Include:
Ivory Smith
Josh Lanza
Goat Girl
birds may bite

Age limit: