bmb in Spokane! 

Just got back from a stellar trip to Spokane. I had the good fortune to play a house show at the Starry House! Thank you so much to Michelle, Dave, Margaret, Michael for your hospitality and Michelle for making the video. And a special thanks to Runaway Octopus for bringing the PA and playing a kickass set! Here's a video of a new song "Between Stations." 

birds may bite Between Stations 

birds may bite JUST TO TASTE is released April 28th, 2017 

birds may bite's new album Just to Taste is done. birds may bite is the solo songwriting/composition project of Scott Adams.

The release show will be Friday, April 28th from 8-11:59pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle. It's free. Guest artists include: Ama Trio, The Debaucherauntes, Amy Denio, Jim Knodle, Randy Neal, Jeppa K Hall and more.

Here's the plan: (all of this somewhere between 8 and 11:59pm)
1. Short set Scott and Randy. New birds may bite songs performed as a duo (accordion/vocal and guitar).
2. Hear the Just to Taste record in its entirety.
3. Ama Trio will take you into your dreams. 

Post Once Post 

Hello dear reader!
This is my post Once post. Jason Webley's festival called Once was last weekend and it was the most rejuvenating experience I've had in a long time. Long story short, I'm back to being a songwriter - a performing one at least. This was the best, most attentive, loving, and fun audience ever!

I also met so many great people, and some of the best exchanges I had were with fellow songwriters. It seems we've all had plenty of experiences of playing to people who are doing their best to ignore us. Go figure, other people had this experience too? Is that a good reason to give up doing something that is one's chosen way to express things? Guess not. 

Anyway, I'm all hopped up about this... Now I'm in the mode of scaring up some more gigs. I just asked to play at a friend's party and I also asked to play at my upcoming High School reunion. I'm planning to write a song especially for my fellow classmates. I can't think of a more intimidating audience; I know it will get my juices flowing... Stay tuned.

The photo below was taken by my friend Travis Hartnett at Cafe Racer. He also took the one that's currently the backdrop on this site. 

birds may bite performs at Once! 

I am proud to be performing a solo birds may bite set at Jason Webley's Once festival this coming weekend (June 10-12, 2016). I'm putting together a four song set to be delivered on accordion and vocal. These are all new songs... The solo set will be on Friday evening; I'll also perform with the Debaucherauntes on Saturday. For more info:

Goodbye Julie... 

I mentioned in my last post that my old friend Julie Green passed away a couple weeks ago.  I want to share a track that we made together in 1995.  Along with Julie's sister Anjanette, we were called the Service Berries.  Here's a link to one of our tunes called "Do You Believe."  As I recall, I recorded the guitar part onto a cassette and gave it to her and she just ran with it...  She was really proud of it at the time and for good reason.  Do You Believe

Here I come... 

Well, it's been a long absence from being a diligent website updater.  For that, my dear friends, I apologize.  I met a nice couple at a party tonight, handed my new friend a business card and immediately apologized for my neglected website.  "A well managed website is the sign of someone with too much time on their hands..."  Get a life, you lousy website updaters!

Seriously, I mourned a friend today.  We made some music together back in the 90's that really changed my life, was a real gift to me.  I will miss you, Julie Green.  I plan to post some Service Berries recordings soon.  

birds may bite CD's at your fave online store

birds may bite videos

All Scott Adams shows... (not just bmb)

Previous events


Double CD Release with Josh Lanza!

Belltown Underground, 2407 1st Ave , Seattle (Belltown) 98102, WA

8:00 - 9:00 - 25 minute sets by Josh and Scott (with guests)
9:00 - ???? - you are invited to perform up to 10 minutes
???? - 2:00 - White Album Jam - everyone's invited to lead songs from the Beatles' White Album in a jam format. Original keys, please - in case people want to practice!

  • No cover
  • We're not selling booze or food, so BYO. (We'll do a Costco run for some snacks, but they don't have salo, so you Ukrainians, BYOS)
  • This is not a loud thing. Think Nirvana unplugged. There will be amps, but everything will be really low, since Josh and Scott are whiny noise-averse babies. Wah-waaahhh.
  • It's a private party, but your friends are welcome.

Please help with the celebrating! After tumultuous three year odysseys, Scott Adams and Josh Lanza have completed their newest CDs. Josh's CD is songs based on Pushkin's poetry, and Scott's birds may bite, bees may not is his first CD since 2003.

After Scott and Josh do their short sets, we will open up the floor for others to perform. We'll have a signup sheet, backline drums (with brushes), bass amp, guitar amp, PA, for quiet-ish sets of music, poetry, acting, readings, comedy, defend your Ph.D., (if we can get a projector, film/animation would be cool) - however you art.

If you want to perform, let us know (send us email:, OR just use the sign up sheet at the show.

After that, we'll do the jamming, using the Beatles' White Album as a format - learn a song or two so you can lead it. We'll going to try to find some way to project the lyrics. This is an experiment, of course, which is sort of what got us here anyway

No cover Age limit: All ages


Monktail Composer Series

Chapel Performance Space/Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle (Wallingford), WA

$5-15 Sliding scale Age limit: All ages


Ivory Smith Trio at Vito's

Vito's, 927 Ninth Avenue, Seattle (first hill), WA

We've been doing this gig weekly since September.  Thursday, December 30th is the last one.  Ivory will be back in February with a brand new lounge act.  If you haven't seen us yet, please come; we've really absorbed the tunes!

If I walked into a bar and there was a lounge act, how would I want to be serenaded? What would I want to hear on a grand piano? I would want to hear it with a soft electric guitar (Scott Adams) and soft sultry drums (Zeke Keeble). Some Syd Barrett, Morrissey, Jobim, Os Mutantes, Nico, Leonard Cohen, Tim’ve got the picture.

Thursday, December 30th 8-10pm


Free admission Age limit: 21+


Butoh Jam Crew at !!ArtsLaunch!!

Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts Community Room, 115 Prefontaine Place South, Seattle WA, Seattle (Pioneer Square), WA

This is a preview of a work in progress called "Discorruption" by the Butoh Jam Crew. It features choreography by Sheri Brown, Alan Sutherland, and Lin Lucas. Music is by Rosalynn DeRoos, Andy Zadrozny, and Scott Adams.  We will be part of !!ArtsLaunch!! (more info below) 

!!ArtsLaunch!! is a bi-annual event supporting new work by emerging and established Seattle artists. In each performance, 7-9 artists working in a variety of media present current work. The performance will be followed by an informal discussion where each piece offers a window into the creative process. The events are open to the public with $5-$15 suggested donation.

The goal of !!Artslaunch!! is to provide artists from a variety of backgrounds an opportunity to show work without the pressures of more formal venues, and to enjoy inter-disciplinary dialogue with the community.

The June 3rd event presents: sumi life paintings by Karen Kosoglad, Ezra Dickinson, Day Chan; choreography by Butoh Jam Crew, Alex Ruhe, Priya Subramanian, Christy Fisher, Helen Thorsen, and Catherine Cabeen; and music by Garrett Fisher, Rosalynn DeRoos, Andy Zadrozny, and Scott Adams.

!!Artslaunch!! is co-produced by Christy Fisher and Sheri Brown and is sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation.

Interested artists in all disciplines are encouraged to participate in upcoming events. For more information call: Christy Fisher 206-380-3445 or email:

$5-15 donation Age limit: All ages


Hell's Bellows and Stefen Gruber

Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Avenue, Seattle (Central Dist), WA 98122

Hell’s Bellows describes themselves as “a fearsome set of musicians
bringing the gospel of accordion chaos from Seattle to the world at
large.” Drawing elements from experimental minimalism and rhythms and
tones collected from around the world, Hell’s Bellows (Amy Denio,
Marchette Dubois, Scott Adams, and Eli Kaufman) weave a lush,
intricate tapestry of sound with four accordions, “dexterous finger
wigglings and pokings, industrious toe tappings, industrial foot
stompings, sighings, sightings, and sporadic grinning.”

Stefan Gruber is an animator and art wizard from Seattle. He is also
the creator of 3-Way-Soccer, the most eternally dignified sport known
to the western world.

His films are narratives of inquiry, self-discovery, and catharsis
through ever-shifting, dreamlike worlds.

A lot of my films have that theme in mind - where there’s a
liberator and there someone who’s caged or leashed. Someone who
obviously has a lot of love and a lot of sweetness and I want to see
that unleashed.”

Age limit: All ages


birds may bite, Susan Harper, Alicia Healy at Conor Byrne

Conor Byrne, 5140 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle (Ballard), WA 98107

Thursday April 29th, 9pm
An evening with songwriters: birds may bite, Susan Harper, and Alicia Healy. We're each going to do two 25 minute sets, round robin style.

birds may bite
Susan Harper
Alicia Healy

Age limit: 21+


An evening with songwriters: birds may bite, Susan Harper, and Alicia Healy

Conor Byrne, 5140 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle (Ballard), WA 98107

Susan Harper

Alicia Healy

Age limit: 21+


the music and instruments of Ken Jacobson –

Fandrich Piano Studio, 1513 14th Ave (14th between Pine and Pike), Seattle (Cap Hill), WA

All music will be performed on string and percussion instruments designed and built by Ken Jacobson. Most of these instruments use microtonal intervals in tempered and non-tempered scales (12 tone equal temperament with select quartertones, and just intonation)

Performers will include Scott Adams, Stephen Parris, and Ken Jacobson.

Ken Jacobson is a multi-instrumentalist and luthier. He has been building instruments since 1996 and has been part of Seattle's music community since 2001. Ken currently works for Dusty Strings in Seattle building folk harps and hammered dulcimers. He also maintains a shop at home where he designs and builds a variety of acoustic and electric instruments.
Ken can be found performing around the Seattle area playing drums/percussion, electric bass, touch guitar, electronics, and his own instrument creations.

Age limit: All ages


Ivory In Ice World opens for Awesome and Library Science

Chop Suey, 1325 E. Madison, Seattle (Cap Hill), WA 98122

Age limit: 21+


Hell's Bellows and Steven Arntson

Cafe Racer, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle (U-District), WA 98105

Hell's Bellows and Steven Arntson

Age limit: 21+


The still not renamed but nevertheless wonderful Irish Band

Ould Triangle (Greenwood), 9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle (Greenwood), WA 98103

Age limit: 21+


birds may bite at The Monktail Holiday Throwdown

 —  —

The Mix, 6012 12th Ave S, Seattle (Georgetown), WA 98108

The Monktail Holiday Throwdown: The Dangerous Petting Zoo
with birds may bite, Figeater, Goatgirl, Shit Orange Horsey

Age limit: 21+


Ivory in Ice World at Sunday Bloody Sunset

 —  —

Sunset Tavern, 5433 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Age limit: 21+


Ivory in Ice World at the Skylark

The Skylark (West Seattle), 3803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

SA plays rhythm gtr.

Age limit: All ages


Erin McNamee Band (soon to be renamed!)

The Wild Rover, 111 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033-6107

SA plays accordion and banjo...  Evening opens with Erin doing one or two solo sets.

Age limit: All ages


Erin McNamee Band (soon to be renamed!)

Ould Triangle (Greenwood), 9736 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

SA plays accordion and banjo.

Age limit: All ages


Ivory in Ice World at the Josephine

The Josephine in Ballard, 608 NW 65th St , Seattle, WA 98117

SA plays rhythm gtr.

Age limit: All ages


birds may bite at First Thursday!

Pioneer Square (TK building), Seattle, WA

More details to follow.

Age limit:


Matt Menovcik, Joshua Lanza, and birds may bite

Mr. Spot's Chai House, 5463 Leary Ave. NW, Seattle, WA

A show with my two favorite people to do song immersion with.  Come ready to chill and listen to some great stuff. 

I'm planning to debut using my accordion (rather than guitar) as my accompanying instrument!  Come ready to hear some mistakes!!!

Age limit:


Hell's Bellows! at Day of the Accordion

 —  —

Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

It's a short set so we'll bring extra fireworks!!

Age limit: