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birds may bite - where truth of the moment songs meet cinematic arrangements of voice, accordion, typewriters and more...

birds may bite was formed in 2002 by Scott Adams in Seattle, WA. The first CD if startled was released in 2003. If startled was Produced by Dan White and featured 25 guest performers. Among the guests were Ken Stringfellow (the Posies), Amy Denio, Aiko Shimada, Jim Knodle, Dan Tyack, and many others. Several incarnations of birds may bite were formed during 2003-4. The bands performed in Seattle and Spokane, WA.

Meanwhile, Scott worked as an elementary school music teacher and played in many other projects. In his spare time, he started doing marathon songwriting sessions with some fellow songwriters/composers. Here is some info about Immersion Composition.  Between if startled and birds may bite’s new CD bees may not, Scott probably wrote 500 songs.

birds may bite bees may not was recorded in Scott’s home studio between 2008 and 2011. Scott played guitars, accordion, banjo, typewriters, etc. and had guests Jeppa K Hall, Randy Neal, Ivory Smith, and Julie Baldridge sing and play.

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About Scott Adams

Scott Adams is a musician based in Seattle. He is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist in a variety of contexts. He has recorded in an underground cistern, performed music with an improv theater group, composed for full orchestra, played Javanese gamelan, played banjo in a polka band, co-written musicals (including one for children), performed on radio, written music for a parade, and is a recovering elementary school music teacher.

Here are some current projects:
Ivory in Ice World (avant-pop?)
Erin McNamee Band (Irish band, covers)
2 Caterpillars (children's songs)
Atom Pieces (Scott’s instrumental music)
Hell's Bellows (accordion quartet)
Seattle Harmonic Voices (overtone singing choir)  
Monktail Creative Music Concern (improvisers)
Queen Shmooquan (guitarist in her pit band)
Secret Chefs 3 (multi instruments)
Boxitania (multi-media parade nationality)

Scott Adams appears on recordings by:
Bill Horist, Seattle Harmonic Voices, Reptet, Aaron English, Gamelan Pacifica (upcoming), Smilin’ Scandinavians, Beef Curtains, Mended Heart, Daughters of Joy, and Susan Harper